Data-driven personalised
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Get more energy and focus throughout the day
Know the foods that make you gain weight
Improve your physical fitness and overall health
Insights and mental support during the program
Insights into a healthier lifestyle
Sustainable energy
Better weight management
Less prone to chronic diseases

Do you struggle with being overweight? Are you feeling burnt out at work?


The wrong diet can give you energy dips, fatigue attacks and less brain clarity.

Diabetes II

On the long term, a bad diet can harm your body and cause among others diabetes II.

With the Clear nutrition program, you get immediate insights in how your body responds to food. Real time.

After 2 weeks, our personalised nutrition plan gives you

More energy  and focus throughout
the day
The foods that make you lose weight and gain weight
Improved physical fitness and overall health
Our program
Clear Nutrition Program
Get the continuous glucose monitor
2 weeks of guidance by our nutrition specialists
Understand your body’s response to food
Get your data-driven personalized diet report
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    Understand your body’s response to food
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    Get the continious glucose monitor
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    3 weeks of guidance by our nutrition specialists
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    Receive your Data-driven personalized diet report

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2 weeks self-monitoring program

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Everyone is unique and responds differently to foods

There is no one diet that is best for everyone. There is only one diet that works for you. Your personal diet.

So how do you know what’s right for you? The answer lies in understanding your personal nutritional response. How your body breaks down and digests the foods and drinks you take.

The rise of your blood sugar after eating or drinking and how quickly it returns to normal - your glycemic response - is an important measure of your metabolism and health.

Same foods can create very different responses between people (even with identical twins!).

Track your foods with real-time biometric data.

Your diet plays a key role in your daily energy and long term health
Regularly eating meals that trigger a high (unhealthy) glycemic response harms your metabolism, causing loss of energy, weight gain and eventually long-term health problems such as diabetes or heart disease.
Unhealthy foods
Having a peak in your blood sugar levels is sort of an energy overflow. Your body sends out signals to store this excess of energy, resulting in fat storage, an afterwards dropping blood sugar level causing fatigue and hunger. These are foods you want to minimize in your diet.
Healthy foods
Good foods avoid these peaks and crashes and give a flat, more smooth blood sugar response. These foods and drinks keep you full and energized, making it easier to manage your weight and keep your body in a good shape and healthy on the long term.
Backed by science

Personalized Nutrition by Prediction of Glycemic Responses

Glucotypes reveal new patterns of glucose dysregulation

Personalized Approach to Predicting Postprandial Glycemic Responses

What’s included:
Your personal nutrition plan
Table with the glycemic scores of your diet
Insights into your own biology
2-week nutritional and scientific support
Blood glucose sensor (by mail)
Online starters pack (by email)
Group kick-off webinar (online)
Group guided Whatsapp community
Online debrief with nutritionist
The Clear. nutrition program
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Client experiences
“I had no idea that my feeling of exhaustion was so closely linked to my diet. White rice is going to be out of my diet for good. The spike I had two nights ago almost went up to 13 mmol/L with just tiny bowl of fried rice!”

- Katharina (43), Amsterdam, NL
“The basic nutrition program has shown me that the foods that I thought were good for me, were actually bad for me. Becaus of this I was able to personalise my diet and increase my energy level.”

- Marcel (33), Amsterdam (NL)
About our founders
Madelon Bracke, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Started her career in biology, obtained a PhD in cell biology, and worked as an scientist in the fields of immunology, hematology, pharmacoepidemiology, regenerative medicine & stem cells.
At Clear. she puts her experience to work by translating the latest scientific developments into new insights for personalised nutrition.
Piet Hein van Dam, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Seasoned data entrepreneur. Putting data and science to work, to the benefit of the public. Started Clear to help people understand their biology so that they can make more informed decisions about their lifestyle. Prevention above cure. Let's take care of ourselves, not ending up in the danger zone, where things may be beyond repair.
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